Warranty Info

Gartone Amplifies Warranty

Every GartoneTM amplifier carries a transferable one year limited warranty against component failure or manufacturing defects. The following limitations apply :

Valves (tubes) are guaranteed for three months

Speakers are guaranteed for six months against manufacturing defects

Damage to the amplifier caused by wear and tear, misuse, neglect or accidental damage is excluded

Damage to the amplifier caused by use of an attenuator or other external power reducing device is not covered. Note Mercury Magnetics and some other transformer manufacturers specifically exclude such damage from their transformer warranty

Any failed or damaged transformer must be returned to the manufacturer and their decision on cause of failure will be final. Any transformer failure determined by the manufacturer to be due to the use of external power reducing devices, operating at mismatched impedances or other misuse will not be covered under the Gartone warranty

Any unauthorised repairs or modifications, or fitting of unapproved parts will invalidate the warranty

Any parts supplied by the customer are not covered by this warranty

You are responsible for delivery/collection of the amplifier if warranty work is required

Any consequential costs incurred are expressly excluded

This warranty does not affect your UK statutory rights