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Pento Sonic
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The new Pento Sonic combo features independent pentode and triode channels and a cathode biased output stage running without negative feedback for natural tube tone and dynamics.

The triode channel has a volume control and single tone control with a dual action. The frequency response is balanced at half rotation, below that it rolls off treble and above halfway it adds high frequency gain, great for sparkle and chime or for stinging blues licks. The voicing and versatility of the controls make this channel suitable for all types of pickups, and musically it covers anything from mellow jazz to raw rock with attitude.

The pentode channel features an EF86 fed by a single triode stage with a gain control to vary how hard the pentode is driven. This configuration doesn't dilute the tone and character of the EF86, and allows it to be set up for a wide range of possible tones, from warm cleans to blues and classic rock. The other advantage of this is greatly reduced microphonics. A volume control and dual action tone control adjust output level and tone from the EF86.

The Pento Sonic is available as a 1x12 combo with a choice of ceramic or alnico Celestion speaker and features similar cabinet design and cosmetics to the Jewel.



Handwired all tube circuitry
EF86 pentode channel
12AX7 triode channel
Heyboer 18w output transformer
Handmade solid pine cabinet



Power 18w
Valves 5Y3, 2 x 6V6GT, 2 x 12AX7, EF86
Speaker 1x12
Dimensions (H x W x D)
432 x 572 x 248mm (17 x 22.5 x 9.75")
Weight 16kg (35lbs)



£1650 with Celestion A-type 12"
£1795 with Celestion Alnico Blue or Gold 12"

All dimensions and weights are approximate. Weight will vary according to speaker choice.
Please do not use these dimensions to order a cover or flightcase yourself, instead measure your cabinet carefully once you receive it.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.