Custom Amps

Regal 45 PS

Stageman Head CS and 2x12

This custom Regal 45 was developed for a customer who wanted absolutely authentic Bluesbreakers tone whether playing at home or on stage.

It has all the features of the standard model plus fully integrated power scaling by London Power which gives continuously variable power output from 45w down to 1/10th of a watt with minimal change in tone or response, and without any compromise to the sound and feel of the amp on full power.


Stageman Head CS and 2x12The specially designed power transformer by Mercury Magnetics, heatsink with low voltage fan cooling and custom made chassis with scaling controls located on the front panel make the power scaling a physically and electronically fully integrated part of the amp rather than simply an add-on.

At full power and with the Level control switched out of circuit, this amp sounds like a stock Regal 45, with the full range of clean to dirty vintage JTM45 tones. With the power scaling operative, these tones can be produced at any volume level desired. The tone, feel and picking dynamics are maintained even as the volume is reduced to conversation levels, and both clean and distorted tones scale down equally well.


Stageman Head CS and 2x12The power scaling feature is ideal for rehearsing, recording and practising at home, yet it's equally practical for live use. You can maintain a consistent sound from gig to gig, no matter the size of venue.




Carlsboro PS

Carlsboro PSThis late 60's pre-PCB Carlsboro 50w head had it's original Drake transformers but it's circuitry and sounds didn't suit the owner. He wanted to turn it into a practical gigging amp for playing mainly 70's rock.

The cabinet, chassis and transformers were retained and everything else was discarded. A new board was installed with a single channel and high/low cascading gain inputs similar to the Regal 1836 circuit, but revoiced for the tones he wanted.

For complete flexibility of use a London Power power scaling kit was installed with fan and heatsink cooling.

Carlsboro PS - chassis 


Carlsboro PS - kit







5E3 PS Head

Carlsboro PSCarlsboro PS

Carlsboro PS - kit










This amp is based on the popular 5E3 circuit, with upgraded Mercury Magnetics transformers and rectifier for gig level volume and headroom. It has a London Power variable power scaling kit with fan and heatsink cooling for reliabilty, as recommended by London Power as the amp runs quite hot in cathode bias. The chassis is housed in a solid pine cabinet with a walnut facsia, all made from reclaimed timber.


Carlsboro PS - chassisOn the back panel there are a number of added features. There is a fixed/cathode bias switch, impedance selector, a line out with a level control and a polarity switch which reverses the polarity of one of the speaker jacks - this allows the amp to be used in a multi - amp and speaker cabinet setup without phase problems.


The power scaling has minimal effect on the sound and feel of the amp, and the variable power output is ideal for home practice and recording, including direct to a computer or other digital device.


Vibrato King

Reverb King - circuitThis custom build is based on the rare and short lived 3x10 6G7 brown tolex Bandmaster, which combines the circuitry and features of the brown tolex amps with the 3x10 alnico speakers and output transformer of the 3x10 tweed Bandmaster.

It features custom designed Tayden alnico speakers and Mercury Magnetics transformers, plus a cabinet made from 150+ year old reclaimed yellow pine and all NOS tubes.

The Normal channel is thick and woody, with bark and chime when pushed that sounds almost British. The Vibrato channel has a cleaner tone with less bottom and lower mids, and slightly less output due to the tremolo circuitry.

The tremolo is harmonically complex and musical. Extremely slow speeds are possible and the intensity ranges from subtle to intense without beating or ticking. Low settings produce a sweet tremolo, whilst higher settings produce a phasey univibe/chorus effect, particularly at slower speeds.

Carlsboro PSCarlsboro PS














Reverb King

Reverb King - circuit

This amp built for a recording studio is based on a classic AB763 circuit, with 2x12 speakers and 40w power output.

It features high quality components throughout, with all NOS tubes, NOS Allen Bradley resistors, Sozo and Jupiter signal capacitors and Celestion Gold and Cream alnico speakers. The two speakers blend together very well and each can be miked separately and then mixed as desired for the final recorded tone.



Carlsboro PSCarlsboro PS