AceTM 20 & Ace 25

Ace 20 & 25
Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25

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The Ace 20 and Ace 25 have all new circuit design and features that give a wide range of vintage inspired tones with their own distinctive voice and character. Both are practical, loud enough to gig and cover everything from blues and rock to pop, country and jazz.

The Ace is very simple to use, and great sounds can be obtained on either channel vitually wherever the volume and EQ are set. On both channels the volume and tone controls interact over their whole range to produce a wide range of clean to driven tones.

Channel One is far more versatile than the Volume and single Tone control would suggest. Cleans have plenty of sparkle and chime with all pickup types, and sweet, mellow jazz tones can be obtained by rolling the Tone control back. Yet crank the volume and tone and there's plenty of bite and attitude for anything from punk rock to raw blues.

Channel Two has more gain than Channel One, but volumes levels are roughly equal, meaning it can be overdriven just as easily at the same gig volume levels. Controls are Volume, Treble and Bass, and the extra gain and two band EQ give it a different voice and tonality to the other channel.

The EQ boosts gain as it's turned up, and is specifically designed so that both the treble and bass can be set anywhere across their range for the amount and tone of overdrive desired. For example, the bass can be rolled down and the treble maxed out without being harsh or glassy, for stinging Albert Collins like blues licks.

Live, both Ace amps can be controlled from the guitar. Both channels cut through the mix clean and will overdrive at practical gig volume evels, and even when well cranked, will clean up perfectly with minimal loss of treble when the guitar volume is rolled back.

Just about any type of overdrive or distortion pedal works ell with both Ace amps, and they retain their character and voice when the pedal is switched on. Some customers are using several pedals together, for layered distortion tones and textures, and report that the amp's voice is still heard when used this way.

The Ace 25 has relatively modest output from a pair of 6L6's and offers a little more volume and clean headroom than the 20w Ace, yet will still overdrive at usable gig volumes. The specially selected output transformer gives 6V6 like tone and feel from the 6L6's, and both clean and overdriven tones are very close to the Ace 20.

The Ace 20 is available in a choice of coverings as a 1x12 or 2x12 combo, and the Ace 25 in the same coverings as a 1x12 only. Both feature alnico Celestion speakers.



Handwired all tube circuitry
Two independent channels
Spring reverb
Heavy Duty Transformers
Handmade solid pine cabinet
Celestion Alnico speakers



Ace 20
Power 20W
Valves 5Y3 or 5U4, 2 x 6V6, 3 x 12AX7, 12AT7

Ace 25
Power 25W
Valves 5U4, 2 x 5881, 3 x 12AX7, 12AT7

Dimensions (HxWxD) and Weight
458 x 584 x 261mm (18 x 23 x 10.25") 19kg (42lbs)
464 x 670 x 261mm (18.25 x 26.375 x 10.25") 25kg (55lbs)



£2095 with Celestion Alnico Gold 12"
£2295 with 2 x Celestion Alnico Blue 12" (Ace 20 only)



Add £40 for NOS 6V6's
Add £50 for a lined or padded cover

All dimensions and weights are approximate. Weight will vary according to speaker choice.
Please do not use these dimensions to order a cover or flightcase yourself, instead measure your cabinet carefully once you receive it.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.