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Welcome to Gartone Amps, manufacturer of premium quality boutique valve amplifiers for guitar and bass, all individually handbuilt in the UK.

Every Gartone amplifier is entirely handmade using only the finest components, and over the years we have built a reputation amongst players for quality, reliability, service and above all great tone.

The Gartone range covers everything from vintage style to original designs to custom one-offs. However, if you don't see what you're looking for, please call or email with your requirements.



Our new website is currently under development

For now our site shows a selection of our own range of amps, however we are still building all styles of vintage and custom amps. Please call or email for more details.


Latest addition to our tweed amp range

Example pic5W 1x10 combo

With its 10” speaker, uprated transformers and high spec components throughout, this 5W Class A combo will redefine your expectations of what a small amp is capable of.

Clean tones shimmer with harmonics and sustain even at conversation level, and gradually morph into rich, organic and articulate overdrive as the volume passes halfway.

Equally good tonally with all types of pickups, there’s enough clean headroom for humbuckers and it handles them surprisingly well for such a small amp.

Ideal for the home player seeking pure valve tone unadulterated by master volumes, attenuators or other power reduction methods.

With its ‘big amp’ sound at low volume and sound pressure levels, and top notch component and build quality, it’s perfect for pro recording, teaching and practice.



Example pic

Example pic

Example pic




Carbon comp signal resistors
Jupiter ‘Astron’ coupling caps
Sprague electrolytics
Hammond power transformer
Mercury Magnetics output transformer
Jensen P10R-F alnico speaker
Solid pine cabinet
Lacquered tweed covering

Example pic

Jensen P10R-F Speaker



Output 5 watts
Inputs  High and Low
Controls  Volume and Tone   
Tubes    5Y3GT, 6V6GT, 12AX7
Speaker   1 x 10”
Dimensions (H x W x D) 
426 x 483 x 229mm 
Weight  10kg  (22lbs)


Example pic

Vintage style components

Example pic

Mercury Magnetics output transformer

Example pic

Solid pine cabinet with lacquered tweed covering


More popular amps from our vintage range

6G3 repro

Example pic  

Mark M. Purchased new 2021

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say how genuinely stunned I am with
your 6G3 build - unquestionably one of the finest amps I've had the good
fortune to plug into. It really is faultless, unbelievably low background noise,
sublime classic brownface tremolo coupled with layer upon layer of awe
inspiring vintage laden brownface tone . . truly breathtaking!! How does a
new amp sound so convincingly vintage?!


Bluesmaster 80 – 5F8-A repro

Example pic  

Ed T. Purchased secondhand 2022

Just got this and wanted to mail you just to say WOW! Incredible amp.
I also have a Joe Bonamassa one and to my ears this sounds way better.


1 x 12 30w combo - single channel AB763 style circuit with reverb and 3 band EQ

Example pic  

Will G.  Purchased new 2020

I had a few hours to sit down properly with the amp this evening. It is an
absolute wonder. Really - stunning. I have played around a little with
everything and your instructions make more and more sense. Got to put
my pedals through it and they sounded wonderful.