RegalTM 45

Ace 20 & 25
Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25 Ace 20 & 25

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The Regal 45 head is based on the original JTM45 circuit, with the option of either a KT66 or EL34 output stage.

The KT66 version features a Mercury Magnetics Radiospares output transformer, and captures the sound of the early JTM45's as heard on Claptons playing with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. Cleans are rich and warm, and the overdrive is thick and harmonically complex, with good clarity and plenty of edge and brilliance.

The Mercury RS output transformer is faithful to the original in construction and all performance parameters, and even duplicates the original grey hammerite finish.

Note that due to its unique winding construction, this output transformer is not compatible with an impedance selector. Instead the amp is set for one output impedance only, from a choice of 4, 8 or 16 ohm.

For those who prefer EL34's the Regal 45 can also be ordered with a Mercury Magnetics output transformer based on the Drake output transformers found in the later JTM45. This version has an impedance selector which is switchable between 4, 8 and 16 ohms.

The Regal 45 features Normal and Bright channels with individual volume controls and high and low inputs for each channel, which can be bridged for more gain or for a blend of the two channel sounds. Tone controls are common to both channels, with separate Treble, Middle and Bass adjustment. Further treble boost is available via the Presence control, which adds high end gain and bite to the sound.

The Regal 45 can be ordered as a head only. Standard covering is black tolex with gold piping, with other choices available upon request.



Handwired all tube circuitry
Glass epoxy turret board construction
Normal and Bright channels
High and Low inputs for each channel
Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence tone controls
Mercury Magnetics transformers
GZ34 valve rectifier
Choice of Output valves
Aluminium chassis
Birch Ply cabinet


Sound clips

Combo version with 2x12 Tayden Alnico
All clips in Bright channel

Strat No1
Clean strat, volume 3, all tone controls 4

Strat No2
Clean strat, volume 3, all tone controls 4

Strat with P90 at bridge
Clean with edge, volume 5, middle 6, other tone controls 4

Bridge pickup, volume 4 and all tone controls at halfway

Les Paul
Bridge pickup, volume and all tone controls at halfway


Head through 2x12 Tayden Alnico open back cab

All clips in Bright channel

Strat Clean
Volume 3.5, all tone controls 4

335 clean with edge
Volume 5, presence and treble 4, middle 5, bass 3

335 clean/dirty
Volume 6, presence and treble 4, middle 6, bass 3

Les Paul dirty bridge pickup tone 8
Volume 7, presence and treble 4, middle 7, bass 3

Les Paul bridge pickup tone halfway
Volume 8, presence and treble 4, middle 8, bass 3



Power Output 45W
Valves GZ34, 2x KT66, 3x ECC83
Speaker setup 2 x 12" Tayden Alnico
Dimensions (H x W x D)
254 x 660 x 229mm (10 x 26 x 9")
Weight 15kg (33lbs)





Speaker Cabinets

These matching birch ply speaker cabinets are specifically designed for the Regal 45 and can be supplied loaded or unloaded.

£425 - 2x12 unloaded
£850 - 2x12 with Celestion Gold 12"



Add £45 for a lined or padded cover.

All dimensions and weights are approximate. Weight will vary according to speaker choice.
Please do not use these dimensions to order a cover or flightcase yourself, instead measure your cabinet carefully once you receive it.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.