For Sale

Pento sonic special


Handwired all tube circuitry
12AX7 triode channel with Volume and Tone controls
EF86 pentode channel with Gain, Dynamics, Volume and Tone controls
6V6 output tubes & 5Y3 rectifier
15w output
Impedance selector - 4, 8 and 16 ohm
Mercury Magnetics Radiospares transformers
Aluminium chassis

This high specification head has circuitry and extra features not found on the Pento Sonic combo. The circuit is loosely based on the Regal 18, with the same fabulous Mercury Magnetics Radiospares 18w transformers, and an upgraded power section with a choke. The 6V6 output tubes are cathode biased and the preamp has independent triode and EF86 pentode channels.

These upgrades give it just the right amount of volume for live use, and it handles single coils and humbuckers equally well. You can play sweet blues on a strat or rock out on a Les Paul on either channel.

The triode channel has a Volume and a single Tone control, and is great for raw, stripped down rock. The tone control rolls off treble below halfway and and past halfway it boosts gain in the treble frequencies - the effect is similar to a Presence control.

The pentode channel has Gain and Volume controls plus two Dynamics controls that vary the operating parameters of the EF86, and a single Tone control. Together they give tremendous flexibility for a wide range of clean to dirty tones that can be dialled in with any voicing from tweed to British. Or you can just create your own unique tones.

This amp was built as a special project for the 2017 UK Guitar Show and comes with brand new Harma ECC83's, NOS Svetlana EF86, NOS 5Y3 rectifier and NOS 6V6GT output tubes.

The amp has not been used apart from at the guitar show and is as new except that the cabinet is in good condition but is a slight second. The amp is offered at a discount to reflect this.

Save £300
Special Price £1495

*The amp is currently wired for 240V mains, but can be rewired for 120, 220 or 230V for an additional cost of £50 which includes a new back faceplate with the correct voltage and fuse ratings printed on it.

Parts for Sale

The following items are for sale due to a cancelled project, and could be used for a Twin Reverb style amp build.


This cabinet is in as new condition and features blackface style cosmetics, with aged grill cloth and comes with hardware, including chassis straps. The Mojotone chassis listed below will fit this cabinet.

There are small holes inside the cabinet where the reverb tank bag and reverb cable/mains lead cord clamps were attached. These can be reused for the same purposes.

Dimensions (HxWxD) are 20 x 26.5 x 10.75"
Note the badge shown in the pictures will be removed.

Price £250


All the transformers listed have been installed in the project amp but have had only a few hours workshop use.

Mercury Magnetics FBFTP-U

Twin Reverb reproduction power transformer. Fits the chassis listed below.
Sufficient lead length on the secondaries, but the primary wires would need extending for use in the Mojotone chassis.

Price £140 (new retail approx £235 plus shipping costs)

Mercury Magnetics FBFTO-85

Twin Reverb reproduction output transformer, 4 ohm secondary. This transformer is larger than the Mojotone one and will fit the chassis listed below, but will require drilling new mounting holes. Plenty of lead length for the Mojotone chassis.

Price £110 (new retail approx £165 plus shipping costs)

Mojotone/Heyboer 775

Twin Reverb reproduction output transformer, 4, 8 and 16 ohm secondary. Fits the chassis listed below. Plenty of lead length for the Mojotone chassis.

Price £60 (new retail approx £115)


Twin Reverb replica chassis by Mojotone. New and unused.

Price £30

* Repro faceplates for this chassis are available from Allparts, Mojotone etc.