BluesmasterTM 45 & Bluesmaster 80

Bluesmaster 45 & 80
Bluesmaster 45 & 80 Bluesmaster 45 & 80 Bluesmaster 45 & 80 Bluesmaster 45 & 80 Bluesmaster 45 & 80

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The Bluesmaster 45 watt and 80 watt combos are based on the legendary 5F6-A circuit, the only difference being a two and four tube output stage respectively.

Apart from the circuit, what makes these amps so special is the combination of high power, valve rectifier and alnico speakers. The valve rectifier gives a warmer sound, with some compression, compared to the solid state rectifier usually found in amps of this power, whilst the alnico speakers add harmonic richness and enhance the amp's immediacy of response.

The Bluesmaster 45 has ample clean headroom and sweet overdrive, with just the right amount of power for club sized venues. The range of usable tones from clean to dirty make it versatile enough to suit many styles of music, although it's in its element as a blues amp.

The Bluesmaster 80 sounds huge, fat and warm on any setting. Even at moderate volume levels it cuts through everything else on stage. Like the 45w Bluesmaster, it has a wide range of usable sounds that suit many styles of music, ranging from sparkling clean through bluesy overdrive to almost plexi-like mayhem with all controls maxed out.

Both amps features Normal and Bright channels with individual volume controls and high and low inputs for each channel. These inputs can be bridged, so you can get the sounds of both channels together - just as on the four input Marshall amps using the same circuit. The tone controls are common to both channels, with separate Treble, Middle and Bass adjustment. Further treble boost is available via the Presence control, which adds high end sparkle to the sound.

The Bluesmaster 45 and Bluesmaster 80 are available in a classic style cabinet covered in genuine tweed, and also in the same style cabinet and cosmetics as the Ace amps.



Handwired all tube circuitry
Normal and Bright channels
High and Low Inputs
Heavy Duty Mercury Magnetics Transformers
Handmade solid pine cabinet
Genuine woven tweed covering



Bluesmaster 45
Power 45 watts
Tubes GZ34, 2x 5881, 2x 12AX7 and 12AY7
Speakers 2x12
Dimensions (H x W x D)
470 x 670 x 267mm (18.5 x 26.375 x 10.5")
Weight 24kg (54lbs)

Bluesmaster 80
Power output 80 watts
Speakers 2x12
Tubes GZ34, 4 x 5881, 2 x 12AX7, 12AY7
Dimensions (H x W x D)
470 x 670 x 267mm (18.5 x 26.375 x 10.5")
Weight 26kg (58lbs)



Bluesmaster 45
£2295 with 2 x Celestion Alnico Gold

Bluesmaster 80
£2395 with 2 x Celestion Alnico Gold



Add £80 for NOS 5881
Add £50 for a lined or padded cover.

All dimensions and weights are approximate. Weight will vary according to speaker choice.
Please do not use these dimensions to order a cover or flightcase yourself, instead measure your cabinet carefully once you receive it.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.